Stealth B52 Ebike CMEC Battery

72V 42Ah 3000Wh Li-on E-Bike Battery Pack for Stealth Bomber B-52, Stealth Hurricane H-52, Stealth Flying Shark F-52 / 3kW motor.

Price: €1499,00 + shipping (request quote)

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Nominal Capacity: 42Ah
Nominal voltage: 72V
Power: 3000Wh
Cell Configuration: 20S12P
End-off voltage (of BMS): 66V (82% DOD)
Charging cut-off voltage (through BMS): 83V (92% SOC)
Max charging current (CC): 18A
Peak discharging current: 200A
Maximum continuous discharging current ( through BMS): 120A

72V Stealth B-52 ebike battery
Battery pack size: 353 x 125 x 140mm | Weight: about 1250 grams

Innovative Passive Built-in Battery Cooling System.

Thermal management engineering designed by CMIUTA Electric Company

Battery Cell: Panasonic NCR18650GA 3.7V 3.5Ah 10A ( NCA chemistry)
Lifespan: 8 years

Charging Type: CC-CV
Charging Voltage: max. 84V
Charging Current (through BMS): max.18A
Recharge Time: 2.5 hours, at 19A CC (1.6Ah/cell or 0,4C)
Charge temperature range: +5 to +50℃ 
Discharge temperature range: -20 to +50℃

Discharge connector: custom on demand
Charge connector: custom on demand

Other Features:
Cell-Level Fuse: 20A breakable link (on both poles)
Shielded and Cooled Discharge Cable.